Boxing is an ancient sport that attracts thousands of spectators to the ring, while millions more watch boxing matches live on television. The history of boxing is full of great fights that have since become the stuff of legends.

At this website, you can get all your boxing news, while learning about the many reasons for boxing’s continued popularity among fans.


The popularity of boxing may be attributed to several factors. At this website, you will learn some of the reasons why fighting is so popular, including the thrill derived from watching boxers pound on each other in the ring. The creativity and ingenuity of professional boxers make these duels even more interesting, as each looks for the quickest way to victory while remaining within the rules. Moreover, the opportunity for punters to place bets on boxing matches has made the sport even more popular. There have also been aggressive marketing campaigns for big fights, which have served to ramp up interest in boxing around the world.

Boxing News

For fans of ultimate boxing fights, staying up to date with the latest news about their favourite boxers is a must. News can be obtained from periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, from boxing websites, and from other credible sources. Some of the top news items currently making the rounds include speculation that the legendary Mike Tyson will be making a comeback after a 15-year hiatus. Watching Tyson take on Shannon Briggs, or possibly Evander Holyfield, is sure to excite boxing fans everywhere.