Shannon Briggs has announced that he and Mike Tyson have agreed to the terms of a fight to be held sometime in 2020. This is after ‘Iron Mike’ stunned fans by saying he wanted to make a comeback into the ring at 53 years of age. Shannon is 48 years old, and he’s ready to challenge Tyson. They’ll compete in a charity exhibition bout, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Out of Retirement

Tyson, who has not lost his power or speed, shocked everyone when a clip of him throwing punches surfaced online. In no time, he told fans that he wanted to fight professionally again, some 15 years after his last match. Tyson retired in 2005 after losing back-to-back bouts against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride. After the defeat at the hands of McBride, Tyson announced that he ‘no longer has it.’ He said he could stay in shape, but couldn’t keep fighting. The admission startled Tyson’s fans at the time.

Briggs, known as the ‘Let’s Go Champ,’ on the other hand, has not been in the ring since 2017, when he failed a drug test conducted before a WBA title challenge against Fres Oquendo. He last fought against long-time foe Emilio Zarate in 2016, with Briggs emerging the winner. And a subsequent match against David Haye failed to materialise.

Tyson vs. Briggs

But how do Tyson and Briggs compare? Ultimately, Briggs is the more active fighter between the two. He’s been hoping for a comeback ever since the failed drug test in 2017. What’s more, he’s been training the whole time. However, Tyson is the clear winner when it comes to belts and trophies. ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ is at it again, and now reportedly feels ‘unstoppable.’

Briggs may be in excellent shape, but will this be enough to carry the day when pitted against the legendary Mike Tyson?